OkPac is IIAO’s political action committee that provides financial support for state elected officials who will provide or have shown support of issues affecting the insurance industry and share our business philosophies.
Contributions to OkPac may only be made by individuals or partnerships.
P.O. Box 13490
Oklahoma City, OK 73113.
Please print and complete the contributor's statement and send it along with your contribution.
For more information about OkPac or InsurPac, contact the Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma
at (405) 840-4426.​

2016 OKPAC and Election Results

We are happy to announce that, OKPAC, our state political action committee, distributed more than $19,500 during the 2016 election cycle that concluded November 8, 2016.  Our efforts resulted in a combined 95% victory rate for State Senate and House candidates supported by OKPAC. 

“During the 2016 election cycle, OKPAC once again made its presence felt by supporting a multitude of state Senate and House candidates, and we are excited that our victory rate reached a near perfect score,” said OKPAC chairman Joe Strunk.  “Since the inception of OKPAC, IIAO member agencies have joined together with personal voluntary agent contributions, resulting in positioning OKPAC as one of the leading bipartisan political action committees currently active at the state Capitol.”

Denise Johnson, IIAO president and chief executive officer commented, “I am very pleased with the resources our independent agent members have provided OKPAC, and their action without a doubt helped boosted our targeted candidates to victory. Our goal will remain to support state legislative candidates who advocate and support the independent insurance agency system and small businesses across Oklahoma.”