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May 02
Weekly Update 5/2-6/2016


April 27
Weekly Update 4/25-29/2016


April 11
Weekly Update 4/11-15/2016


April 04
Weekly Update 4/4-8/2016


Day at the Capitol:

Personal Lines Misc. Tulsa:

Personal LInes Misc. OKC:

Heart Walk Bricktown:​

March 28
Weekly Update 3/28-4/1


March 22
Weekly Update March 21-25, 2016


March 18
Benefits Bracket 2016 Finals

large_piaa_hoops_championship (1).jpg

The big matchup is here.  Conventions vs. Premium Assignment Corp. Premium Assignment Corp. has faced some injuries during regular season play and we are wondering if they will be able to hold up their momentum to take on Conventions in this highly intense last game of the tournament. The Conventions team has stayed very focused and healthy throught this entire tournament.

The game kicked off with a pretty even back and forth game. It was great for fans on both sides to watch. All the way through the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter the pressure seemed to be more than Premium Assignment Corp. could take and they started to make meaningless fouls and miss easy shots. This left enough room for Conventions to take a commanding lead and in the end win the 2016 Benefits Bracket! Congratulations Team Conventions!
How did your bracket turn out? We will announce winners on Monday! 

March 17
Benefits Bracket 2016


Two big games today: Conventions vs. Personal Umbrella and Premium Assignment Corp. vs. Young Agents.

To kick the day off we had the Young Agents use the same philosophy to defeat Premium Assignment Corp. that they used to take on Advocacy/PAC. Premium Assignment Corp. must have watched the tapes because they were ready for all their tricks. They were able to slow the Young Agents pace down which appeared to ruin their rhythm and flow for the game. Ultimately leaving Premium Assignment Corp. as the winner.

Coach Cindy and Coach Cathy had their teams up practicing and running drills all day to get ready for this heavily anticipated matchup. Cathy had the Convention team running through tradeshows and dribbling through networking events to prepare. While Coach Cindy stuck to more traditional practicing methods to prepare. Coach Cindy got her work out on the sidelines running up and down with her team throughout the entire game, it was quite a show on its own. Coach Cindy’s enthusiasm just wasn’t enough to hold her team together against Conventions, it came down to the 4th quarter with a win for Conventions. 

March 16
Benefits Bracket 2016


There were 4 tough games played last night. Last Night’s feature game was Advocacy/PAC facing off with team Young Agents. Was Coach Lyra able to use her players youthful energy to face off against Coach Denise’s older but more refined team? Through the first half of the game the Young Agents ran Advocacy/PAC around the court and wore them out. In the middle of the 3rd quarter it appeared as though the Young Agents were running out of steam, and Advocacy/PAC had a chance to pull ahead for the first time the entire game. Coach Lyra called a time out and the Young Agents came back with their 2nd wind, running laps around Coach Denise and her Advocacy/PAC team. Congratulations to the Young Agents for advancing in the tournament.

Other games played: Premium Assignment Corp. won over CIC/CRM/CISR/AIAM Designations. Coach Cindy’s team, Personal Umbrella, came in with the upset and easily stomped on Cyber Liability. The last game of the day was E&O vs. Conventions. Conventions constantly changes the line-up to keep you engaged and in-front of the trends. This constant moment was more than team E&O could handle in this round. 

March 15
Benefits Brackets 2016 - Tuesday


Featured Game: 

E&O’s Coach, Lyra Roberts, had her team running drills and practicing long and hard together continuing to bring the level of excellence that this dynasty team brings to the court. The Ask and Expert Team had a great showing but couldn’t get enough momentum up to bring E&O down. In the 3rd quarter the winner was apparent and the stands started to empty. E&O advances to play Conventions.

Other games played:
Big I Markets flexed their muscles with all their products to face off again Conventions- who has a packed line-up of talent. That talent took down Big “I” Markets.
Cyber Liability didn’t let up the entire game to crush In-Home businesses dreams of advancing.
Personal Umbrella dominated Virtual Risk Consultant the entire game.
It was a nail-bitter to the very end and Designations was able to pull out the W over Workers’ Comp.
Premium Assignment Corp. won out over and Advocacy took Social Media down in that match up.
The last match up of the day, Young Agents Dominated the Career Bank.

Stay tuned for the updates tomorrow! 

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