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Pages: Home IIAO is your unrelenting advocate on the capitol We keep you informed on issues that will affect your business and the insurance industry.

Government Affairs

We work hard in the best interests of the independent insurance agents and the insurance industry. We also want to help you be an informed voter. The Oklahoma Prosperity Project​ is a bipartisan information source you can visit to be an informed voter on the topics and candidates. 
InsurPac is IIABA’s political action committee that pools the voluntary and individual financial contributions of thousands of independent insurance agents to help elect candidates to Congress who share IIABA’s business philosophies.
OkPac is IIAO’s political action committee that provides financial support for state elected officials who will provide or have shown support of issues affecting the insurance industry and share our business philosophies.
Find your Oklahoma State Representatives and Senators here.
Here you will find a list of your U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senators.
If there is a grass roots action item that needs attention or the latest items that hit the capitol steps will be posted here.